FreshFix is an energy drink company that combines all natural ingredients with wholesome energy to get consumers through their busy days.

I completely branded FreshFix from the ground up. In addition to branding, I created three print advertisements and visually designed their mobile app.

The goal of all of these elements was to find a way to incorporate FreshFix’s value in nature and health  with the surge of energy their drink brings. I incorporated this by using strong imagery showing nature and exercise with bold colors and clever copy-writing to tie the photo’s back to the brand.

The success of FreshFix’s advertisement campaign was not only recognized by viewers, but also at the 2017 Addy’s, where it received a silver in the local competition.

In addition to the ad campaign, I developed packaging for FreshFix’s product as well. I wanted the packaging to represent who FreshFix is as a brand by using all-recyclable materials and a unique box instead of the typical drink holder. FreshFix is a bold, energetic brand, so I used large type, icons, and bright colors to capture the attention of the consumer. Additionally, I incorporated their brand story and attitude throughout the packaging. Coming up with the content and imagery for this was easy, but developing the die cut and packaging layout so that it would print, cut and fold correctly was definitely a challenge.packaging die

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